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Those who have been busy denying what is coming up to their heads,
and answering them to move forward
The bad memories influence our minds and make us suffer every time.
As time goes by, we comfort and encourage ourselves, and give hope to others.
Or we breathe again as they comfort us.
This is how we live.
It is difficult to reveal a real heart that we have hidden behind.
I would be very happy If there are people who sympathize with these five tracks and get comforted.

1. 악담 (feat. gent)
"I know why you say goodbye to me, but right now it's hard to accept,
and all I can do now is to hate you.
I hate myself acting like this too, it is so cowardly and selfish.
I want you to come back to me like magic."

2. 충분해
"I am satisfied with my current life.
I am not interfered by you. I can use my time anytime.
But there is a time when I think about you.
It's actually very hard at times, but i am okay, really.”

3. 그래서 그랬어 (ep ver.)
"I drank a lot of alcohol, I thought of you on my way back home.
I promised myself that I will not call you again but I made a call.
You were as sharp as I expected.
I just made excuses again. In fact, it was not.
I just wanted to see you all the times.”

4. here and now
"Do not regret the past, do not worry about the future,
and the important thing for us is the present.
Enjoy this moment!”

5. 꽃
"I'm sure many trials will come to you in the future,
but I believe that you will end up like you have done so far
and I will always be next to you.
You will finally bear the fruits.”

Executive Producer 김지훈, 박종성
Vocal 김지훈, gent
Guitar 김지훈, 박종성
Bass 김지훈, 박종성
Drum 김지훈, 박종성
Piano 천내범
String 피아노 스케치
Recording 그냥해 studio
Mixing & Mastering 공기웅
Preview 유태열
Album Photo 9one


01.악담 [feat. Gent]
03.그래서 그랬어 (ep Ver.) and now

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